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election candidates

Mock election results reflect the national trend

All students and staff had the chance to vote for the party of their choice in the mock general election run by the History and Politics Department.  Five students stood as candidates and took part in a mock hustings a week before the general election; Scott Alexander (Lib Dem), Wesley Saunders (Green) Sebastian Cheek (UKIP), Keziah Rodell (Labour) and Eddie Frith (Conservative).  Questions ranging from tuition fees to defence where put to the panel for discussion and all stuck to their party’s values.

The mock elections followed on the theme of the term.  Previous events included a hustings with the real parliamentary candidates, which was a very lively discussion and well attended by students, and a visit from Louise Irvine, standing for the NHA party in opposition to Jeremy Hunt accompanied by ex-student and successful comedian, Rufus Hound.

These events have given students an opportunity to get involved in political discussion, for those under the age of 18 the mock election was also a chance for them to cast a vote.

The outcome of the vote was the conservative in the lead with 28%, which reflected the results of the general election nationally.