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Fashion at the Fountain Centre

Textiles students Sophie Evans and Marina Hoskings joined forces with the Fountain Centre, which is part of the Royal Surrey Hospital to create pieces that were modelled at a fundraising fashion show. Sophie is worked closely with a patient to create a garment inspired by her interests and experiences and Marina created a head piece exploring natural textures and using hand made felt.

Sophie Evans AGE 17
I gained inspiration from my piece from designer Mary Katrantzou, and focused on her badges and front panels for inspiration. I also took into consideration 1950's dresses, and work from artist Pam Gaunt, who's work I love! I knew I wanted to add images to my piece, and asked Natalie my model, if she was interested in using some photos close to her. I used her amazing photographs from her holiday to Thailand, and they are featured on my garment. I have thoroughly enjoined working on this project, as textiles is my favourite subject, and what I intend to do at university after an art foundation degree. The experience was great, and I loved meeting new people!

Marina Hosking - 18 
For my A-level project I started looking at the stark beauty of nature. I was interested in manipulating materials to create different textures and looking at colour (mixing neutral colours with bursts of brighter or deeper colours to highlight unexpected beauty from the nature around us). I started looking at felt making and decided this was the route I wanted to take to create a floral head piece for my model Dani. I experimented with a variety of ways to bond and create the flower whilst exploiting different textures. I was fascinated by the texture of fabric when mixed with felt so I decided to use this as a base and have a more simplistic flower attached made from a red pink felt and white felt. I chose to use a brighter colour rather than a deep neutral colour as I thought it would stand out better on stage.