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ClassAction welcomes ….. Lost Watch Theatre Company

ClassAction practitioners filled Studio 816 to bursting point when we welcomed Lost Watch Theatre Company to Godalming. Their production of “Goodstock” began its tour at Godalming College following its premiere at the Edinburgh Festival this Summer;
“Goodness, it's the kind of work I come to the fringe to see!" Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
and features ex ClassAction practitioner Rianna Dearden (2008-2010) as one of the three ensemble members (and lead musician). The play was written by one of the three performers based on personal experience: “I’m 26. Three women in my family have a cancer-causing genetic mutation (BRCA1). One of them is old, one of them is me and the other is dead. In four years time, I have some options (Involves a scalpel)Basically this is a play written about my relatives without their permission. They won’t mind (I hope).
“"Lost Watch’s latest show could be maudlin, but isn’t. It feels honest, funny and true... This is a show that speaks across the generations, resurrects the dead, ponders the unlucky lottery of life, and reminds one that what is known can never again be unknown." Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Lost Watch, formed in 2013, trained together for three years on Uri Roodner's BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School – where current ClassAction practitioner Gabi Rolfe has just started her second year – and pride themselves on creating new theatre derived from honest and gripping stories.
Rianna and the company then spent time networking with current practitioners and answering questions about drama school auditions and offering careers advice.
“We are greedy for theatre... and we don't see why we shouldn't be. It was great to come back to Godalming, to remember where it all began” Rianna Dearden.