Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign




"it will have BLOOD"

After Shakespeare’s MACBETH

Over 100 ClassAction practitioners filled every space in Godalming College’s Performing Arts Centre to present the inaugural production of the 2015-2016 season. Our first year practitioners mixed with some second year practitioners to present this first production.

“it will have BLOOD” an immersive, promenade production takes Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy Macbeth, and peers at its harrowing story of division, disease, entrapment and murder through the fractured filter of contemporary conflicts. The audience are bundled into their first location, an army control room where the captain is planning the resistance against a false leader; this is quickly blown apart by an army forcing the audience out of this security as they are set adrift into a war torn country, where the resistance “the black dog” are hiding, waiting and recruiting. In shadowed recesses of doorways and stair-wells characters wait to tell their story and share their narratives. These small intimate moments are counter-balanced by explosive and dynamic movement sequences and poignant bitter-sweet scenes. Each audience member is issued with a pass-port, and experiences this production on different journey’s and on different paths depending on their allegiance to either Scotland or England.

This is classic ClassAction; we want to celebrate the creative power of collaboration and debate. We want to encourage the next generation of practitioners. We want new thinking, we want to push boundaries and above all we want to take risks.

Welcome to this year’s company of practitioners.