Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



Celebrating the English Language


English Language Day is an annual event celebrated on 13th October in recognition of the national and global presence that the language enjoys. Initiated by The English Project, this awareness day has been chosen due to its historical importance as on this date in 1362, Parliament was opened in English for the first time! You may be wondering, "Well, what language did they speak in Parliament before then?" The answer: Latin and Norman French. These languages influenced Britain significantly precipitating from the invasions of the Romans at around 50 BC and the Normans under William in 1066, respectively. At Godalming, we decided to celebrate the day by creating 'word walls' which we positioned around the college for students to add their favourite words to. Staff were also very keen to join in. We had a rich selection of 'faves' including sophisticated Latinate words such as 'lexicographer' to onomatopoeic 'blip' through to the longest varieties possible with 'antidisestablishmentarianism' - what a mouthful! To continue the popularity of this day, we are setting up the Godalming Linguistics Society which will be run on Wednesday lunchtimes by Adam Duce in Room 319 including such topics as language in comedy, language in law and language in the media to name but a few! All are welcome to explore this fascinating language.