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A 100 strong capacity audience in Studio 816 was entertained and provoked by ClassAction’s “PROJECT.i.d.” induction performance at the start of this term, featuring fragments of a variety of genres of the performing arts. Project i.d. introduces our first year practitioners to the Studio 816 audience. Andrew Pullen, Head of Drama and Dance said “After just two weeks our first year practitioners have formed a performance company – such is the dedication of them and their subject tutors. For some this is a huge journey - from never having danced on stage in your life, to choreographing and performing your own routine is not an easy task. For others theirs is a specialism they have spent time perfecting and working upon and this initial journey is that bit easier, but essentially success will be measured by the improvement they make over the coming two years with ClassAction”. 

The audience were treated to an eclectic mixture of dance, performance and song.

The evening began with all the first year dance and performing arts practitioners coming together to perform as an ensemble performance of “21 Guns” from the musical ‘American Idiot’ -  an incredible achievement after only 2 lessons. = click here to see the opening of Project.i.d.

What followed was an eclectic mix of performance work ranging from Shakespeare to Skyfall, from Ludlow Fair to Les Miserables.

ClassAction underpins all of its performance preparation work with an academic rigour and in the spirit of reflection the audience were asked to provide feedback to our practitioners who then turned that into development targets.

“Project.i.d.” was a wonderful performance, which sent the audience home with more than a hint of what this year’s practitioners will become.