Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



Hot Springs, Iceland

A Breath Taking, Wonderful Experience for Geographers

A fantastic group of 17 enthusiasic and 'intrepid' Geography students, accompanied by  teachers Helen Thorpe and Debbie Knox, visited Iceland for an amazing first hand experience of the incredibly diverse landscape. Together we shared what Iceland offers; tectonic, fluvial, glacial and coastal processes are in abundance and the human interaction with them is fascinating to see. Our geographical knowledge, understanding and appreciation has been developed and enriched by the experience. The highlights of the trip are captured in the student response;

“Fantastic experience with an amazing group of people. We all learnt so much yet had so much fun! I would highly recommend to the trip to other geography students; Iceland is so unique and we all enjoyed the trip so much” Tom

“Such an indescribable experience, wonderful journey’s, breath taking scenery and amazing people. I could easily stay for longer. The plate boundary was surreal and I found it so hard not to smile. 10/10, absolutely loved it” Molly

“It was an amazing trip and I loved all of it. The waterfalls and the Blue Lagoon were incredible. The landscape is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Thank you so much, cannot wait to go back one day” Olivia

“This trip has been truly unbelievable, I have had such an amazing few days and could only wish to stay for longer. The sights have been breath taking and the Blue Lagoon and plate boundary were incredible. It’s a definitely must do trip. Amie