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Colombia Calling

I have been here for more than a month now: living, travelling and volunteering. Colombia is a beautiful country and I would highly reccomend anyone to come here if they can. I have met many travellers, especially here in Cali, that end up staying much longer than initially planned as they fall in love with what's here. Here in Cali, it's the nightlife. Cali is known as the salsa capital of the world and after a month here I can see why. There are places to dance every night and the salsa rhythm seems to be in everyone's blood here. It makes me feel very foreign!

I`ve been working in FEDUT, the partner foundation of the Dan Eley Foundation for a month now and the experience has been incredible. FEDUT provides a place for disadvantaged, publicly educated children to come in the afternoons, where they can do activities such as art, sport, music and ICT. Through these extra curricular activities the foundation aims to enhance their personal, emotional and physical development, helping them to achieve their goals. I teach english to a class of 20 with kids aged 5-12. It has been challenging as the education system in Colombia is very different to ours in England. However this makes me very grateful for the incredible standard of teaching, discipline and resources we have and has made me more passionate about giving as much as I can to these kids.

One thing that I have noticed here that I would love for British children to have more of, is pride. Here, if you ask a Colombian about their country or culture, they will reply with great passion and will want to tell you as much as they can. The children learn the national and city anthems from a young age and are taught to love their culture. They are also taught to be grateful for what they have, something we all often lack in Britain. When I was first introduced to the children, Lina (my co worker) took time to make sure the children understood that they must be grateful for me being here and that it was a great opportunity to have a native English speaker teaching them. If being here has taught me anything, it's taught me to be more grateful for my education and I would encourage everyone at college to realise how much opportunity they have, just based on where they were born.