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Hopeful medical students

Preparing for a Medical Career

Hopeful medical students from the Aim High in Medicine group at Godalming College recently took part in a practice morning for the daunting formal interview and multiple mini interviews that are commonly used for entry into medical schools.

The eleven students were met formally at reception as if this was a real interview day and the smartly dressed young people were led to the boardroom which would become their base for the morning, and given their timetable of activities. Each candidate had a time to meet with a member of the College’s Senior Management Team and a medical practitioner for a rigorous formal interview. Students also faced the multiple mini interview technique which is designed to test candidates in a number of ways and certainly takes them outside of their comfort zone. This involved six fast paced scenarios including, two role play activities including consoling a distraught patient and becoming a GP for a consultation with a rather difficult and intimidating patient, two paper based activity and one-to-one discussions about their work experience to date and the worst mistake they ever made.

After a quick lunch the day continued with knowledge building lectures and workshops. The first talk on interview techniques was provided by a graduate ambassadors of Nottingham University followed by a very interesting lecture on Cerebral Palsy by Prof MJ Platt. Mary Jane Platt is a Clinical Professor in Medical Education and Director of Admissions for Norwich Medical School. The day ended with a workshop on medical ethics which saw the students getting very involved discussing various medical scenarios and discussing their thoughts with a medical practitioner.

Nine of the students who took part have already applied to medical school and are hopeful that they will reach the next stage, which is presenting themselves for interview, the remaining two will be applying next year. They have all received individual feedback from each of the activities that they took part in and will spend the time before their real interviews brushing up their skills.

Fiona Kennard, Head of Chemistry and leader of the Aim High in Medicine group organised the medical visitors and the day’s activities. She says ‘I’m very proud of the way these students conducted themselves throughout the day. It was very tiring and challenging but I’m pleased that all the students put 100% into it. We wish them every success for their interviews at university, we know that they are as prepared as they can be’