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Godalming College at top of the league tables

The Department for Education published its performance tables for 16-18 education in England last week. These confirm that Godalming College is one of the best performing sixth form providers in the country at A level.  

In relation to A level grade performance the tables show that Godalming College was in the top 10% of non-selective  schools and colleges in the country in 2015. For value-added at A level student outcomes are significantly above national predictions placing Godalming in the top 5% of all non-selective schools and colleges. And on the basis of both of these measures it is the best performing college in Surrey and Hampshire at A level.

In addition Godalming is in the top ten of all schools and colleges in Surrey for value-added performance at A level placing it well above well-known independent schools such as Charterhouse and Cranleigh.

Principal David Adelman says:- “Godalming has a proven track record of outstanding achievement over many many years and the recently published performance tables confirm that 2015 was a record year for exam performance.”