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French Trip to Armentières

I arrived with thirteen of my fellow A2 French students on the 29th of November at St.Pancras International Station, feeling a sense of both profound excitement yet nervousness at the prospect of travelling to Armentières in France to greet the various families that were hosting us and for the work experience we were all about to take part in. However, on arriving safely at the French station it was clear that none of us needn’t have worried, the families were lovely and immediately we were warmly welcomed. We all went our separate ways with our families, having said good-bye to one another and wishing each other ‘bonne chance, knowing we would all be reunited on the Wednesday for our trip to Lille.

After we all had awoken on Monday morning at 6am we made our own separate ways to the different work placements, the most of us working in primary schools and a few others in local patisseries and shops. When we met up on Wednesday, all anyone could do was rave about his or her host-family and the work experience – the total immersion was such a positive experience that speaking English again was a little strange at first however… it was lovely to be able to spend the day shopping at the Christmas market, ending it with going on possibly the scariest Ferris wheel and then going to a local crêperie. But after, it was back to reality, back to work and our families until Friday, until the big bowling night. The next few days all of us were really able to bond with our families and reinforced the experience of living and working in France. We ended the week feeling invigorated by the whole experience, with our newfound confidence in our language skills.

I would recommend this brilliant trip to all U6 students. It was very good fun and so rewarding!!!

Isabella Trouerbach (French Upper Sixth Student)