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students in New York

History of Art in New York by Emma Harvey

I visited New York with college during the February Half term and I already have a longing to be back there. My experience was one I will never forget. The day we arrived was exciting as we took our first architectural walk to see in real- life some of the buildings we had learnt about in lessons. Buildings included the beautiful Art Deco Chrysler building, Grand Central Station, Trump Towers, St Patrick’s Cathedral and more. Admittedly, the cold weather took time to get used to but lots of hot chocolate and warm pancakes helped with that!

On the second day we ventured through the famous Central Park, en route to the Met Museum, where we saw iconic cinematic shots. Within the Met was a vast collection of art particularly from the 19th and 20th century, we saw the likes of Monet, Matisse and my favourite Van Gogh. We also visited the Frick museum which held some of the greats such as Vermeer and Anthony Van Dyck. I think one of my highlights was the next day as we travelled by subway to Greenwich Village where we saw the Friend’s apartment, visited the newly built Whitney Gallery which held lots of fantastic contemporary art and walked along the Skyline Walk. Our day ended with a boat tour all around the islands of New York and finished off in The Starlight Diner with some unforgettable entertainment!

Our Last full day consisted of going up the Empire State Building and visiting the 911 memorial. That day we had some free time so we made our way to famous shopping sites which included getting lost in Macy’s. My overall highlight of the trip was our visit to the MOMA, the gallery holds the largest collection of art from the 20th century and included many works we had studied in class. We saw Picasso’s famous ‘Les Demoisselles D’Avignon’, work from Gustav Klimt and Frida Kahlo were some of my favourites but seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night in real form took my breath away, it was so beautiful! After I had been in the gift shop for a few hours we headed back to the hotel to pack our bags and eat one last round of some yummy New York food. I’m so happy I got the chance to visit New York in all its glory!