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students at Waverley Awards

A Class Act at Waverley Borough Council Awards

“All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players ….” This was certainly the case on Wednesday 16th November when the Borough Hall in Godalming and the Waverley Borough Council Award Ceremony became ClassAction’s stage as we celebrated Shakespeare 400 with an array of Shakespearian performances.

“We wanted to say a huge thank you to your students for the wonderful entertainment” Candice Keet, Waverley Borough Council

ClassAction practitioners took to the hall to perform extracts from a selection of Shakespearian plays, in their unique 1-1 performance style. This was Waverley Council’s opportunity to go to the theatre, with just one of them as an audience. This was a unique Shakespearian encounter one on one. 

“The students were amazing … committed, focused with wonderful delivery of the text …” Charlotte Gardener, Arts Development Officer

ClassAction practitioners greeted the guests in role, and took them to a corner of the room. Once there, and settled the theatre adventure began with each character performing a soliloquy or monologue to their chosen audience member.

It was a wonderful sight to see our practitioners in role, dressed in character moving amongst the guests, joining them at tables, inviting them to meet characters such as Henry V, Lear, Helena and Hamlet – evocatively and passionately brought to life by our ClassAction practitioners.