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Jeremy Hunt

Politics students grill the Secretary of State for Health

As Donald Trump prepared for his inauguration in Washington the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and local Conservative MP came to Godalming College to meet with over 200 Government and Politics students and answer some difficult questions on a range of topics including the NHS, the future for doctors in British hospitals, mental health, Homeopathy, Brexit, the underrepresentation of minority groups in Parliament, Boris Johnson as foreign secretary, foreign aid, Trump and the latest topic in Surrey – the proposed rise in council tax.

Mr Hunt was relaxed as he answered questions sharing his vision of Britain with the young people, some of whom felt that they get a raw deal when compared to older people.  The budding politicians, of all political persuasions, spoke positively about meeting the cabinet minister, here are a few comments from the students present.

Tristan Skelley said: “He was very well spoken, but I did feel that he evaded the point on some questions” 

Benjamin Hodgson said: “He really answered the questions well and dealt with the pressure of the situation calmly”

Monica Raven said: “He often seemed to answer a question similar to what was asked, but not quite the same.”

When the 45 minute session was complete Jeremy Hunt met with members of the College’s Secular Society who have been working with him and the Department of Education to promote the model of their group to other schools and colleges in order to promote free speech as part of the governments prevent strategy.