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Turner prize winner interviewed by students for new A level

Godalming College students, Elaoise Benson Amber Bardell, James Lye and Maisy Jacobs, were invited into the home of Turner prize winning artist, Jeremy Deller at his home in London to interview him for the new History of Art specification to be launched this year across the country.  The theme of the interview was ‘War in Art’ for which his works It is What It Is, The Battle of Orgreave and We’re Here Because We’re Here are particularly poignant.

Elaose Benson explains ‘Jeremy Deller is a conceptual artist; using objects, words, video and performance to create a more observational art form.  He doesn’t use historical works as inspiration, but rather reacts and observes. I found his perception of what art can be, to be broad and liberating, and it was interesting to note how crucial the audience and their differing outlooks are to the message of his work. It was amazing to talk to a leading contemporary artist like this and great to know that our interview will be used by students right across the country, starting with a screening at London’s National Gallery in November. I know that both I and the rest of the students left this experience with even more enthusiasm and interest into Deller’s work as well as being hugely grateful to the life opportunities offered by Godalming College.’

History of Art is a very popular subject at Godalming College with 30 students enrolled on this course starting in September 2017.  Sarah Phillips, Head of History of Art, has been instrumental in saving this popular subject at A level.  A debate at the Courtauld Institute with Sarah and leading academics can be seen here here which shows some of the work that students undertake on their course at Godalming College. An interview by Ruby Clare a recent student of History of Art can also be found here, Ruby will be taking her place at Cambridge this month to study History of Art.

Amber Bardell, one of the students visiting Jeremey Deller received the SPoKE Film Award 2017 earlier this year for her film Cardinal Sin in which she analysed a controversial sculpture by Banksy - more information here