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A Matter of Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death

Visitors to STUDIO 816 this last week of term have been treated to a cinematic classic bought lovingly to life in our studio theatre; A Matter of Life and Death, based on the 1940’s film by Powell and Pressburger has offered a surprising, heartfelt and touching story to our audiences as we race towards the Christmas period. 

Theatre is many things to different audiences, and through this production ClassAction have explored a new side to our work grabbing the opportunity to explore different aspects of our craft, to open up thought and try out new techniques; story-telling, puppetry, hoop and bungee work. 

It is sometimes easy to forget that theatre can offer us a joyful experience, a night out to be told a story, to be entertained, amused and to be offered an escape from what is going on outside. STUDIO 816 is unique, magical and intimate, immediate and versatile – a place to be transported back to a state of whimsical openness, to the primal need to tell and hear stories, and to a world of rare interaction, and that is what it has offered our “full house” audiences this week.  

This performance was nurtured and developed alongside a wonderful performance company, it was tender, touching, delicate and joyful – a wonderful way to welcome in the holiday season.