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Drama, Dance, Performing Arts Deartment: Season 3

We are now reaching the end of a highly successful Season 3 here in the Drama, Dance and Performing Arts Department, playing to sold out houses for all our productions, but we are not just about productions – we offer performance preparation under pinned with an academic rigour and Godalming College should celebrate its success in training new performance art practitioners for an industry that is worth £8.8 million an hour to the UK economy (Sajid Javid). We have had a record number – 24 offers, to the country’s top dance and drama schools this year including one for the Stella Adler School in Los Angeles. We are so proud that our ethos of offering a unique performance art programme that aims to create a first class performance preparation training course that is underpinned by a depth of reflection is having this profound effect. Godalming College has gained a unique reputation as having one of the leading performance arts departments in the country and our alumni are now working in all fields of the industry, and more importantly – they are generously giving their time and their advice as they return to Godalming to network with our current practitioners. We were so pleased to welcome back an alumnus who trained at Lamda Drama School and one who is currently studying at P.P.A. who worked with our first year practitioners on their end of term performance work

PROVOKING, ENTERTAINING, POPULAR AND ECLECTIC: Performance work has run throughout the term and we have played to consistent ‘full-houses’ – most recently some stunning solo performances that were designed for Year 5/6 students in our local schools around the theme of ‘Hopes and Dreams’, focusing on their transition to secondary school. We have had the busiest summer programme that we have ever had, including a brand new verbatim piece about events surrounding the Grenfell tragedy that is truly collaborative in nature – collated and devised by our second year performing arts practitioners and performed by some first year drama practitioners; and Big Thing Remarkable for Arts Festival 2018 which saw our current first year practitioners mentored by our alumna from MTA (The Musical Theatre Academy) - alongside our stunning production of Spring Awakening during the last week of term. There are not many other colleges, let alone arts venues that are producing that scale of work.

For ‘Let’s Celebrate’ we celebrated the Summer with “Paradiddle” an experiment in 4x4 timing alongside our live drummer and flares on the field, featuring our first year performing arts practitioners.

Our major production this season was Spring Awakening, a high energy, celebratory show with an incredible cast in an exciting new production. Spring Awakening is the defining musical of the last decade, combining electrifying rock score and genre-defying writing to tell the story of sexual and adolescent discovery.

 It’s important to reflect on the vast numbers of students, families and friends who attend our performances who may not be up on the stage but who are still able to participate fully in the cultural and artistic life of college because of the work of the Drama, Dance and Performing Arts Department