Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign




Community project in Tanzania

A group of students took the long waited trip to Tanzania in the summer.  They landed in Dar a Salam for the month long adventure before heading straight to Morogoro and spending our first few nights in a remote village in the mountains called Bunduki.

The group commenced their vital maintenance project at a school in the mountain village. They began with lots of hard digging to lay piping for water, mixing cement for a new floor for the school and painting one of the classrooms.

Soon it was time to make their way back to Dar a Salam to buy materials for the project before heading to Zanzibar for the students PADI scuba diving course followed by sailing and diving around the islands for the week, which was an experience of a lifetime.

The students then returned to Bunduki for the third week of their adventure to finish the project and to bring the students much needed shoes which they all loved. The final week involved trekking in the mountains and finished with them travelling to Mikumi National Park for a safari and camping in the park.

The final days were spent relaxing on the beach back in Dar a Salam before the flight home.