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Zero for the Young Dudes

Over 70 ClassAction practitioners filled every space in Godalming College’s Performing Arts Centre to present the inaugural production of the 2018-2019 season. 

Our first year practitioners mixed with some second year practitioners to present their first production – an immersive promenade theatre adventure that presented a new and vibrant theatre form to our audiences.

“Zero For The Young Dudes” an immersive, promenade production re-imagining Alistair McDowall’s  National Theatre play, focused on the inmates at a bizarre summer camp - plotting a revolution. Or had it already happened? Spending a day watching their schedule of exercise, lessons and meals, a long history of unrest and injustice lies hidden, and as the day wears on, a violent future looms large on the horizon. With echoes of The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies this was a brutal and thrilling start to our Season 1.

The audience heard of the young people’s revolution – fighting for their future, for their houses, health and security; this is quickly blown apart by an army forcing the young people into camps as the audience were set adrift into the government facility holding the youth, where the resistance were hiding, waiting and recruiting. In shadowed recesses of doorways and stair-wells characters wait to tell their story and share their narratives. These small intimate moments are counter-balanced by explosive and dynamic movement sequences and poignant bitter-sweet scenes. Each audience member is issued with a passport, and experiences this production on different journey’s and on different paths depending on their allegiance.

“This is classic ClassAction; we want to celebrate the creative power of collaboration and debate, discussing our world today. We want to encourage the next generation of practitioners. We want new thinking, we want to push boundaries and above all we want to take risks – this has always been our ethos and we work within that framework right from the off ….” Andrew Pullen, Head of Drama