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Audition Ready

This term our Performing Arts students have been finalising their UCAS and vocational school applications, we have been pleased to offer masterclass session from East 15 drama school who have run a question and answer session and a practical workshop exploring World Theatre & Performance, a Vocal Masterclass with ex-student Sam Thomas who recently picked up The Stage Newcomer Award and returned to support our students who are developing audition and exam speeches, Jack Sunderland (Lamda Drama School) who over a couple of days worked with students on group performance and supported the performing arts practitioners with character truth workshops and their audition speeches.

At the end of term we also host a Practitioner’s Panel, where we welcome back ex-students who are currently studying drama, dance, and performing arts in H.E. for a question and answer session to support currrent students with their applications and auditions at drama and dance schools. 

The focus for ClassAction has been skills development work this term expanding the number of young practitioners we work with, with Dance Lab and our new play reading group #PLAYPAL running weekly open to the whole college community. The aim was to ensure as many people as possible could have access to theatre training and reflection.