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Art History visit Paris

The trip to Paris was an amazing opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. We were given the opportunity to explore all of Paris and its beautiful architecture, art and history. We visited the iconic Eiffel Tower. From the summit of this structure we were able to see famous architectural landmarks including the Louis Vuitton Foundation which we had been to a few days previously. The structure of the Louis Vuitton building was fascinating, particularly when its design was explained to us by a guide. The light inside this contemporary building was very effective and gave us lots of ‘selfie’ opportunities! The Palais Garnier (Opera House) is a magnificent structure and its interior decoration was popular with the whole group. The traditional style of this building and Notre Dame Cathedral were an interesting contrast to the modern buildings we saw such as the Villa Savoye, a work we had studied in class earlier in the year. At the Pompidou Centre we were given the chance to explore this interesting building and its collection of art by ourselves. The various galleries we visited throughout the whole trip allowed us to see paintings and sculptures we had studied in our lessons. A particular highlight for the group was the cabaret which we went to on the final night. This gave us a different outlook on the city, seeing local Parisians singing traditional songs in an authentic setting. We already miss Paris and cannot wait to return!
Laura, Dylan, Alexa, Jenni .