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Here at ClassAction we are constantly seeking ways to push all of us forward, exploring our art form and nudging at the boundaries. We take thoughtful risks in the work we select for our practitioners, pushing beyond the often all too regular diet of theatrical offerings in other institutions, and expect students to take thoughtful risks in the way they engage in the process of creating work. We want students to surprise themselves with what they are capable of, and we value being part of that experience, and are being surprised anew as our first year drama practitioners engage with devised theatre work as part of our Season 2 work.  

We facilitate this strong performance work by being critical judges and simultaneous supporters, pushing our training practitioners to be the best versions of themselves as performers that they can be – and then nudging them beyond! Textual stimuli for this work has included work by Martin Crimp, Mike Bartlett and Niklas Radstrom. 

Season 2 reaches its’ half way point with HOMEGROW, ClassAction’s festival of devised theatre, new contemporary pieces of physical theatre created by our first year drama practitioners. Performance work throughout our season, and particularly during this festival brings to life claims about inclusiveness, learning that engages, and valuing the talents of the individual. It is hard to find a subject that has a stronger focus on the quality of the end result: there will be a performance, it must be well researched and professional, and there will be nowhere to hide.

Theatre has the possibility to show us a glimpse of the impossible as something reachable, and HOMEGROWN throws this work into focus. The work performed as part of the festival presents the world in microcosm, showing us that theatre can cause us to question without throwing us into confusion.  

The Festival opened with a dynamic and engaging performance focusing on Brexit and the central character of Brit, as she has to make a binary decision - to jump off Waterloo Bridge, or to remain and give birth to her new child. This piece and all the work that followed over three sold-out nights, interrogated where we are as a country now, and how young people fit into that. Childbirth, crime, the climate, male aggression, gender roles and conformity where all themes thrown into sharp relief through considered, thoughtful pieces of contemporary theatre. 

These were considered thoughtful pieces of contemporary theatre and certainly shows why many of our practitioners are getting offers for training at some of the country’s top drama and dance schools in September.

Our results and the work created testifies to our success, as does the amount of ClassAction practitioners currently sitting on many offers for September 2019 including from; Guildford School Of Acting, East 15, Central, PPA, Trinity Laban, M.A.D.D, Arts Ed, Emil Dale Academy, Peer Productions.