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Restless Earth workshop

The Geography Department welcomed the British Geographic Society who ran two Restless Earth workshops based on the natural disaster in Japan, which happened on Friday 11th March 2011.  A short presentation and brief video gave students background information of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that occurred that day.  

Students then worked in teams to create two Disaster Relief Maps with allocated roles – Coordinator, Search and Rescue, Military, Medical and Humanitarian.  These roles are vital with any disaster response management team and give students an opportunity to see what jobs are available within relief organisations with Geography qualifications.

Students used different base maps of varying sizes and scales, four of which were in Japanese, to research and find out information for their specific roles.  The information was collated and placed on the two base maps, using a key designed by the students. Group presentations allowed the British Cartographic Society staff to judge the maps on their ability to clearly convey the information required to aid disaster response and award a winning team from each session. The winning entries go into an Annual Award to be judged by the BCS Awards Council.