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law career day

Law Career Day

The Law Department welcomed speakers from the University of Law, Surrey University, Law Firms, ex-students and advisers to look into and consider the different pathways and opportunities to a career in law. The day was open to all students not just those who take Law as an A Level.

Talks such as, the value of legal apprenticeships, which enable a qualifying law degree to be achieved as well as invaluable legal experience, what is the reality of studying law at university - what it is like to be a law student, how to write effective personal statements for a law course, a taster session on medical law and ethics, working in house,  what to look for and consider when applying to law firms and beyond your law degree - gaining legal experience and making the most of opportunities.
Sarah Hawen - Head of Law at Godalming College said "the event was a great success and we are very thankful to all those who took part and the students who attended. From this event students will now be able to plan and reflect on where they are now in their studies and what direction they could take and to think beyond University towards the reality of getting into the legal profession and how its is more accessible now with the increase of law firms offering a range of different law Apprenticeship routes and the value of a law degree and the routes into the differing professions". 
Lucy Curry who is currently in her second year of a Law apprenticeship with West Sussex Council advised "its not an easy option to take on a law apprenticeship, as you need to plan your studies with working full time, I had really good A Levels and considered university, but am so glad I took this route  as I won't be in debt and will be at the same level of qualification as those whom did go to University and within the same time scale". 
Jack Horlock - an ex- Godalming College law student and is a trainee solicitor at Weightmans' gave a very engaging talk on what he did in his A Levels to where he is now and said to students "I wish an event and day such as today had been available when I was taking my A Levels, I would have gained a lot of helpful and relevant advice as you have today".