Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



Celebrating students

A proud day for students and staff

The key headlines for 2019 exam results are:-

  • In excess of 770 students studied for A level exams and BTEC qualifications, with 2461 entries at A level, 311 BTEC National entries.
  • The A Level pass rate at 99.3%
  • The A*-C grade rate at A Level is 85.5%
  • 729 of A Level entries achieved an A*or A grade
  • The BTEC pass rate was 100% with 96.7% of entries at Distinction or Merit levels    

Emma Young, Principal of the College, said:-

“We are very proud of the achievements of all of our students. These results are some of the best ever at the College and I want to congratulate every student on their success and hard work. I also want to congratulate our wonderful teaching staff, whose expertise and dedication is pivotal in the success we are celebrating today.  We also shouldn’t forget the role played by whole College community, support staff, Trustees, as well as parents, carers and friends, all of whom help students through the pressure of coursework and exams.  The focus today is inevitably about results but we must also acknowledge for some students, who have faced personal challenges such as ill health, just to get through the two years is an achievement. We are proud that our students leave Godalming not only with qualifications but with a love of learning and a confidence to face their next step. We wish all our students all the very best for the future, whatever path they choose, be that university, a gap year or employment.”