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Brains, behaviour and life beyond adolescence

Teenagers are often under criticism or are the butt of jokes in comedy sketches but recent evidence shows that their brains go through a massive transition in the years from them being children to a fully grown adult.  Assistant Principal Carol Horlock of Godalming College aimed to provide an insight of this transition.  Almost all parents of new Godalming College students came to the talks which were delivered over three sessions.

Carol says ‘I was delighted to see so many interested and engaged parents come to learn about supporting their teenagers through the transition to sixth form study and, eventually, adulthood. The response was overwhelming and we will certainly offer this again!’

As part of the presentations Carol described how brain development and social expectations all play a major part in the development of young adults and, at times, this can seem overwhelming both for the teenager and the parent.  Behaviour can change as they try to adapt to their new status and this can often result in them getting their behaviour wrong or misreading the social signs.

Increasingly young people are struggling because of pressures from their peers, social media and the expectations of others.  Mental health in young people has known to have dramatically increased which in turn affects the capability of a young person to function well and learn.  The College is committed to supporting students in a number of ways to aid their wellbeing and, by so doing, enable them to learn and progress.

One parent said ‘Brilliant! I think this is the best educational talk I’ve ever been to’.  Another said ‘A massive thank you for such a valuable evening, I felt so much made sense and was so reassuring to hear.  Thank you for giving me some tools to survive the transition!’

98% of attendees said they would recommend this talk to other parents.