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A UK-German Connection

Earlier this month, I went to Berlin with the organisation UK-German Connection, which aims to promote interaction between young German and British people. 

There I attended a four day long seminar on 'Sustainable Consumption', covering topics such as fashion, food and travel. The attendees discussed what the limitations 
to sustainability are and how to reduce their environmental impact, as well as having the chance to visit sustainable fashion designers based in Neukoelln, the borough 
of Berlin where the participants were staying. There was also the opportunity to visit some early Christmas markets and take photos at the Brandenburg Gate. 

The seminar concluded with a presentation at the British Embassy, at which I was one of the keynote speakers on sustainable fashion. 

We had the opportunity to speak to experts in various fields, including the Head of Sustainability for Uniqlo Germany and the WWF officer for sustainable consumption.
Daphne Pleming,  U6

Head of German, Jutta Gumpricht-Kim says "This was a fantastic achievement and an incredible opportunity for Daphne.  She was chosen as one of 30 students from the UK to participate in this seminar on fashion and sustainability, which was sponsored by UK-German Connection."