Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



candidates for the medical interviews

Medical Interview Day

On a cold November morning 8 students applying to some of the most competitive university courses, dentistry and medicine, arrived for a medicine interview day. They were met at reception and treated as if they were applicants from the moment they stepped through the door, all designed to give them a taste of what a real interview would be like. 

The day was divided into 3 sections. First students had a formal interview with either the principle or deputy principle and an outside interviewer . They then moved on to the MMI (multiple mini interview) which is a common format in medical interviews which involves several short stations including interview questions and role-play. We were fortunate to be able to uses drama students to play various roles. In the afternoon, Burhan Waleed a medical student at Imperial College joined us to deliver a workshop on medical ethics. 

Overall the day was designed to prepare students for the challenge of medical school interviews which are notoriously tough.