Aerial shot of students holding outstanding sign



players in the national hockey squad

Selected to play for the national squad

Ten Godalming students were selected for the second English College’s Hockey trial at Reading HC two weeks ago. Of that ten, five girls and three boys made the squads. Congratulations to these eight Godalming hockey players who have been selected to play for the AoC Sport National Hockey Squads (Men's and Women's) 2019/20.

Vicky Shelbourn who coaches the Godalming Teams says "This is not only a fantastic achievement for the players, but a record for Godalming College. We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our players, this achievement demonstrates the level of commitment and the enthusiasm of our team. Long may the success continue!"

At the end of last season the Godalming Men's Hockey Team became AoC National Champions, winning Gold medals and contributing to the South East winning the Wilkinson Sword.

Back row - Billy Bishop, Johnny Thompson, Cameron Moore, Molly Cullen
Front row - Anna Jourdan, Esta Greenhalgh, Freya Armitage and Liv Wilde.