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personal safety

Safety Week

Thank you to local services who gave up their valuable time to bring expertise and equipment to college, provide training and talks on a range of subjects to do with safety. Safety week focussed on different aspects of safety each day, including driving safely, personal safety and keeping safe from criminal activity. 

Driving Safety included driving theory, braking distances and reaction times, road safety, driving simulators as well as the consequences of drink driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving and poor car maintenance.  Personal Safety included sexual health, rape and abuse, substance misuse and homelessness. Keeping safe from criminal activity focussed on drug and knife crime involving the Surrey Police, who are pictured here in the dining room at College.

Carol Horlock, Assistant Principal says "We were delighted with the engagement from not only the services that came to College, but also with the engagement of the students who said that they valued being able to speak directly with ‘those who know’.  We wanted to help students understand how to keep themselves safe in a range of different circumstances and know what to do if they feel that something is wrong.  In addition they were able to practice ‘first on scene’ skills for dealing with incidents which we hope they will never have to use!.  It is our hope that these experiences will help to equip them with knowledge and understanding that they will draw on even beyond their short time at College." 

We would like to thank the Surrey Police, Fire Brigade, Surrey NHS Trust, Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, Step by Step, Catch 22 and our own DCT department.