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Greening Godalming College in Action!

In 2019 alone there were over 6,873 natural disasters around the globe which claimed 1.35 million lives in just this past year, and scientists are linking the majority of them to Climate Change. Facts like these can make anyone feel hopeless, including some of the students at Godalming College. Luckily, we are some of those students. 

We are a part of Greening Godalming, a community of students from Godalming College trying to tackle the climate crisis in any way that we can. In the past six weeks we have gathered a team of students that meet every Friday to try and think of ways we can help encourage our local College community to go GREENER! 

Here are some of the ways we have and you can too! :
1. Meat Free Mondays. 15-25% of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from the Animal agricultural sector, which is more than the ENTIRE transport sector combined! In our main canteen on Mondays, we have turned our canteen options vegetarian friendly. This helps us reduce our Greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Teracycle. We have teamed up with Teracycle. A non-profit organization that recycles old pens, crisp packets and other miscellaneous items that you couldn’t recycle at your usual recycling centre. We have set up boxes all around college that collect all of our students old pens and empty crisp packets, this has been a massive success as all of our 6 boxes collecting crisps have been filled to the top! Hundreds of pens have also been collected and will now be recycled.

3. Ecosia web browser. Using the student bulletin we have encouraged the students at Godalming to switch to the web browser Ecosia which plants a tree with every 45 web searches every person makes!

So what can you do to help us? We have many other ideas including creating a garden here in college to encourage pollinators and work towards a more carbon neutral environment. To help us to achieve this, we are asking for donations of any unwanted gardening tools, young plants or help to create and maintain this green space. Any donations would be very much appreciated!