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Godalming College is ‘Outstanding’

Godalming College is delighted to report that following our inspection in December 2019 the College has retained its ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted status.  The College is the first specialist Sixth Form provider in the country to do so under the new Education Inspection Framework.  It is also the first College in the South East region to retain its ‘Outstanding’ status against this and the previous inspection framework.  The new Education Inspection Framework states that all students should “receive high-quality, ambitious education”, it is therefore a fantastic achievement that under this new and more challenging framework, Godalming College has been judged ‘Outstanding’.  

Godalming College has a proven track record of excellent examination performance.  The College has a broad curriculum and enrichment offer, inclusive entry requirements, expert teachers and fantastic resources. It is a popular choice for students who come from over 100 different schools across Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.  There is a real focus on helping students to understand the process of learning, with a strong emphasis on how to develop effective habits to manage their studies.

Emma Young, Principal, said, “We are extremely proud of the outcome, especially as the Ofsted team were really glowing in their praise for the College.  The retention of our ‘Outstanding’ status is a great achievement.  It is recognition of the hard work, expertise and dedication of our wonderful staff, both teaching and support, as well as our Board of Trustees.  It shouldn’t be forgotten that this has been achieved against the backdrop of a difficult funding climate for the sector.  We are delighted that the report highlights the attitude and approach to learning of our students.  At the heart of our College ethos is an emphasis on learning, not only to ensure that students achieve their qualifications, but also to ensure that students develop a love of learning.  Students and staff are highly praised in the report. They should all be very proud to be recognised by Ofsted in this way.  I am delighted for the whole College community; it is nothing less than they deserve.”

Liz Graham, Chair of the Board of Trustees, commented, “The Trustees of Godalming College are pleased that the Inspectors have recognised the outstanding nature of the work done by Emma, her senior team and all the staff.  The new inspection regime is quite different to the previous ones and we are proud to have maintained our ‘Outstanding’ designation for the third time in a row.  Students, whatever their background, benefit from an excellent education from a staff who are dedicated to ensuring students achieve their full potential.”

Some highlights from the Inspection report are as follows:
• “Students thrive in the atmosphere of industrious learning that leaders and staff have created.”
• “Students greatly enjoy their time at college and relish their education.”
• “Trustees, leaders, managers and staff have very high expectations of their students.  They have developed an outstanding culture in the college, which concentrates strongly on learning and developing students’ independent learning skills.”
• “Leaders, managers and staff set very clear expectations for their students.”
• “Staff make sure that students learn to work well together.”
• “Students speak highly of the confidence and independence they develop as a results of establishing supportive relationships with their peers.”
• “Students are strongly motivated to learn.”
• “Almost all students produce high quality work, with a substantial proportion producing work of excellent quality.”
• “The proportion of students who make better than expected progress is very high….”
• “Disadvantaged students and those with special educational needs/and or disabilities (SEND) receive useful support both within class and from specialist support teachers.”
• “Almost all students know how to improve as a result of the clear and effective feedback they receive from their teachers.”
• “Students benefit from useful and informative careers advice that helps them decide their next steps after college.”
• “…..students benefit greatly from the newly introduced ‘+Enrichment’ programme. They enjoy their learning and understand how their extra study enhances their career prospects.”
• “Staff are highly positive about working at the college.”
• “Most students progress to their first choice of university or specialist college.”
• “Very many students from Godalming College go onto to gain first class or 2 (i) degrees.”

Download Ofsted Inspection Report