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Greening Godalming Colection boxes

Environmental Group makes a difference

The Greening Godalming group took shape as part of the +Explore programme when our French teacher and passionate environmentalist Frédérique Lecerf began to enthuse students into making a difference. 

In the first year (2019/20 academic year) the group pushed for the expansion of the Solar PV system at the College. The Wey Valley Solar Schools Co-operative has approved our request and they have made arrangements with SSE for the necessary connection to the Power grid with panels on the roofs of the Independent Learning Centre and the Performing Arts Building. The total scheme proposed is 113 Kw which added to the current 95 Kw scheme on the Sports Centre and 900s will give us total configuration of just over 200 Kw at the College. The Co-operative covers all the costs of provision and installation and the College benefits from cheaper electricity. The key benefit though is that we will be significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels for our electricity. If all goes to plan the scheme in place by Summer 2021.

The weekly group meetings this year have been linked different topics such as Climate Change and have focused on information, raising awareness and how we can make a difference eg with Fast fashion, Food, etc.  The group have also been very active with the following:

• Tutor groups presentation
• Mini virtual Christmas fayre
• Eco-friendly handmade Christmas cards
• Over 15kg of pens sent to Terracycle in September to be recycled
• Enormous bag of crisps packets sent to Terracycle
• New crisps and sweet wrappers boxes made plus a couple purchased for the social areas with the money from last year's Wellbeing/Eco-Fayre
• Greening Godalming Logo made by student of the group
Projects we are working on:
• Creating a permanent Eco group of students
• Rewilding strip in college / planting wild flowers

• Adding pollinators flowers in beds around college

Spring Term update:  Since schools and Colleges went into lockdown the Greening Godalming environmental group have turned their attention to exploring topics on sustainable living such as the carbon footprint of food, managing waste (composting), sustainable homes and fashion and sustainable transport. They are looking forward to getting back into College when they will take more action in their Greening Godalming plan.