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Bake off

French Bake Off

On the French A level course we study 'Heritage' as a topic and 'gastronomie' is an important part of French culture, what better way to celebrate it than with a Bake Off to coincide with the television version! We ask students for the last lesson of the topic on Heritage to research and bake a 'traditional' French cake or biscuits. We have had all sorts over the years, Clafoutis, Macarons, Palmiers, Brioche, Tarte Tatin, Eclairs, Madeleines.... all yum!

Throughout the year we have two other 'Bake off' events: Galette des Rois in January and 'Mardi Gras' in February. 

Students who want to bake during their Christmas holidays have taken home a crown and a 'fêve' to 'hide' in their galette!