Neuroscience - grey matter

Teenage Brain Development and Behaviour

The teenage years are an exciting time in so many ways: moving from school to College, changing from a child to an adult, new relationships, and new experiences.  With so many changes occurring in these transitional years it can often be a challenging time for young people and also their parents.

Our Assistant Principal, Carol Horlock, has more than 15 years experience of dealing directly with student welfare and discipline.  She has widely researched the impact of teenage brain development on behaviour and also on teaching and learning so that all staff can provide appropriate care and support.

Carol provides sessions for parents every year, though this is the first time it has been held virtually! Her experience and expertise provides an insight into the neuroscience and psychology which helps us to understand the implications for teenagers, their parents and educators. 

Recently Carol has also completed an MSc in Psychology, studying the impact of COVID on young people and their mental health. 

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