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Staying Safe

Our annual Safety Week was held virtually as with many other events this year.  The aim is to help students to understand the risks in their lives and choose how to act based on the knowledge they have learnt.  This year the week covered topics such as Alcohol and Drugs, Be safe and Well, COVID, Driving, E-Safety and Gaming.

The week was delivered through Microsoft Teams via Personal Tutors with parents also being able to access information such as a hard hitting and emotional video made by the police, council and emergency services on driving safely called Safe Drive, Stay Alive. The video is a valuable message to young people, many of whom are learning to drive or have just passed their test but also warnings about being careful who you get in a car with.

As part of the Staying Safe strategy in College the Neighbourhood Specialist Officers visit regularly to engage with students (in a socially distanced way) and break down barriers.

"A really good visit today, lots of positive engagement – and even a socially distanced photo with students who really seemed to appreciate the efforts to engage with them, had lots of questions and stories of experiences with Police both good and bad to share. I think becoming a more familiar presence is definitely breaking the ice and there’s a kind of knock on effect of one group seeing another group engaging with us in a positive way making them more willing to engage. "  say our Neighbourhood Specialist Officer

Feedback form students taking part in Safety Week includes:

'Most of the clips were incredibly helpful and I feel better informed about the matters explored'

'They are all relevant and the ones I looked at were informative'

'Quite important for us to learn at this age, I thought they were quite in-depth'

'Absolutely fantastic, couldn’t' have asked for more.  Blew me out of my chair'

'The driving video was very important'


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